Process Industries & Energy

APIX proposes compact Gas Chromatography solutions dedicated to online and real time process monitoring for petrochemistry, gas quality measurements (BTU, biogas, shale gas…), fuel gas or other industrial emissions analysis.

Process Industries


APIX’s miniaturized and portable Gas Chromatography system enables direct and on site measurements for real time air quality analysis, VOCs emissions or water & soil pollutions down to ppb level.


Defense & Security

APIX portable and modular gas analyzers offer quick response time and high specificity for on-site measurements of any chemical threats (warfare agents, toxic compounds or explosives detection).


APIX to exhibit at Pittcon 2015

APIX will have a booth at the International Pittcon exposition on March 8-12, 2015 in New Orleans, LA USA. Please meet us at booth 4545. We look forward to seeing you there!


Why Choose Us

  • High integrated and portable multi-gas analyzers (silicon chip integration) offering unique performances and capabilities
  • Analysis of multiple families of gas within a single system
  • Unique Plug & Play analytical modules (cartridges) for progressive applications, easier maintenance and use
  • A unique, high performance nanoscale detector (NEMS detector) enabling ppb level of detection
  • Intrinsic ATEX design for on line integration within explosive environments (petrochemical industry)


They trust and support our developments for their internal and future needs :