Max-One™ system is dedicated for online process monitoring for industrial and petrochemical applications.

It is designed around a plug-and-play module which contains the entire analytical stream detections for the analyses of a large variety of compounds. With up to 4 analytical modules plugged, simultaneous analyzes of various gas families are possible in a single sample collection.

Packaging is adapted to explosive atmospheres and follows ATEX and safety standards and CSA certifications.

Max-One™ enables small footprint thanks to measure in situ, right at the sampling point with limited infrastructure and space requirements.

This system can be coupled with with a NeSSI column developed by Astute and allowing direct connection on industrial process line.

Relevant features

  • On line process monitoring
  • ATEX (anti-explosive) from scratch
  • With piping interface (NESSI compatible)
  • Applications: petrochemical and other industrial applications


Application note