Biogas and Biomethane

The purification and injection of Biogas in the network are two main priorities for APIX Analytics.

  • Purification: APIX allows to troubleshoot methanisation and purification process by monitoring the gas composition online, at the exit of the purification unit in a single and modular system.
  • Injection: APIX products are also tailored to control all regulated biomethane parameters online for guaranteed energy content, security and network integrity (control of the Biomethane Energy Content, Quality and Odorization before injection into the transport/distribution grid).

Why Choose Us :

  • Reduce CAPEX by 40% : a single analyzer replaces 3 analyzers (Calorific Value, Odorant, Sulphur)

  • Reduce OPEX by a factor of 2 : reduced carrier gas consumption, low maintenance, easy service

  • Faster Measurements: cycle time <2min

  • Superior Detection performances: ppm level detection of volatile impurities (NEMS)


Application Note